SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The All-American Gateway Tour (AAGT) has just announced an exciting partnership with the East coast based company OnCore Golf, making them the new title sponsor of the tour. With this partnership, the largest developmental pro golf tour on the West coast will be rebranded to the OnCore Gateway Tour while also making the world's only hollow stainless steel core golf ball the official golf ball of the tour. This will ensure players of the tour not only have access to OnCore's top high performance ball with true perimeter weighting and enhanced rifle spin but also directly contribute to future enhancements of the golf ball. 

"We are very excited about OnCore Golf's title sponsorship and are pleased to announce that because of it, our players will have the ability to play our tournaments with a truly cutting edge ball, one in fact that was nominated for International Network Golf's 2015 Product Ingenuity Award and was named one of the Top 25 Products at the PGA Show by the Golf Channel," said AAGT owner Dusty Dean. "OnCore has spent years developing the only USGA conforming hollow core golf ball in the market today. In fact, the technology is so ground-breaking that the USGA has issued a new interpretation of the Rules of Golf governing golf ball construction which allows for this unique, patented ball construction. While the ball already benefits golfers of all skill levels, through this relationship our players will have an active role in helping OnCore further enhance the ball so it ultimately becomes the golf ball of choice for professionals. It's important to us that our players are directly impacted by our sponsors' contributions and giving them access to OnCore's golf ball for not just their own game play but also to help shape the future of the game is just one of the many ways we strive to be a leader in the development golf industry." 
Since its inception in 2001 under the original name of the Gateway Pro Tour, the most well-known and established tour in the developmental golf industry, the tour has served over 4,000 players, paid out over $44 million in purses, and boasts an impressive number of alumni (168) currently playing on the PGA and Tours, representing 32 PGA Tour wins and 78 Tour wins. Adding OnCore Golf's MA-1.0 golf ball to its roster is just one more benefit players will enjoy on the newly branded OnCore Gateway Tour in its upcoming season.  
"Joining forces with AAGT is right in line with the vision we have for OnCore Golf," said OnCore Golf co-founder Bret Blakely. "The next generation of pro golfers is always looking for cutting-edge technology to improve their game and enhance their prospects for competitive success. OnCore not only brings a new dimension to the game with its patented ball technology, but the company has always taken an interest in the individual – professional or amateur – focusing on their enjoyment and experience and the relationship with AAGT will allow us to do much more of that. The 2015/16 tour will be nothing like any before it and we're excited about the plans being developed for this season."
With a continued focus on innovation and a commitment to help players become successful in their goal to play professional golf at the highest level, the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons of the tour kick off with eighteen 54-hole tournaments scheduled to be played from September to April throughout the Phoenix area, plus a season-ending Tour Championship. And, with the shared vision that both the tour and OnCore Golf have on creating products and experiences unlike anything the industry has ever seen before, players will have opportunities on the OnCore Gateway Tour that no other developmental tour can offer.
"Since day one, AAGT has been committed to providing standards in line with the PGA Tour and ensuring our players have the absolute best development platform in the U.S. so they have the best shot possible in achieving their goals," said Dean. "We have been focused on finding partners that have that same mindset and are willing to help us deliver the standards our members deserve. Partnering with OnCore Golf, who has also been battling for their position in the golf ball industry much like we have in the developmental golf arena, is key in our endeavor to revolutionize the world of developmental pro golf."
To learn more about newly branded OnCore Gateway Tour, and the details for its upcoming series which include a new membership plan that allows a prospective member to select the membership level and associated benefits that best suit their individual needs and budget, please visit

About All-American Gateway Tour (AAGT)

Established in 2001, the All-American Gateway Tour (AAGT) was created to help aspiring PGA TOUR professionals fine-tune their skills in competitive golf tournaments. In its 14-year history, the tour has maintained a leading position as the premier developmental professional golf tour on the west coast and has paid out more than $44 million to players over that period. AAGT has served more than 4,000 players, with 168 AAGT alums currently playing on the and PGA Tours. These players represent 32 PGA Tour wins and 78 Tour wins. Today, AAGT continues to provide the ideal competitive environment as well as significant financial opportunities for aspiring PGA TOUR and Tour professionals. For more information on sponsorship opportunities or information for the 2015-2016 season, please visit You can also follow the tour on Twitter at or like them on Facebook at ;

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