Over the past several years, the InVentures Group (IVG) has worked with a number of exciting companies. When we decided to locate at the Innovation Center in Buffalo, our expectation was that it would provide us with a certain level of "deal flow" to examine. Knowing that Buffalo and Western New York were not exactly the center of the universe when it came to start-ups, entrepreneurial activity, and venture investing was not a deterrent. In fact, we saw it as an advantage. Very few companies existed to provide the unique combination of business services, expert consulting, and venture investing that IVG was offering. And that has proven to be the case. Our clients have included First Wave Technologies, Medical Acoustics, Advantage Home Telehealth, Ceno Technologies, HealtheSignals, OnCore Golf, and CrowdBouncer - among others - all of them early stage companies that were started in Western New York. Not surprisingly, given the stage of development that these companies were at, they all, at one point or another, have sought financing assistance from IVG as well. In some cases, this has involved introducing them to investment bankers in Boston, NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, and elsewhere. Other times, we've assisted the companies in achieving funding through contractual means - generating profitable revenue streams including licenses, technology sales, product development contracts, and so on - that allowed them to avoid or minimize the amount of equity capital they had to raise. And in other situations, IVG has invested directly in the companies - providing critical capital quickly and allowing the companies to focus their time and attention on more pressing matters - like production and sales!

The success of our business and our business model has been such that we are now ready to take it to the next level. For the first time in over a decade, IVG will soon offer outsiders an opportunity to participate in our exciting business and investment operation. Due to securities laws, we will have to limit our offering to accredited investors and (as the lawyers will want us to point out), this blog post is not an offering to sell securities!

But stay tuned. It's time to crank this business up, increase the resources and investment capital that we can deploy to assist start-ups and early stage companies in WNY and beyond, and see what happens. We think the time is right, the opportunities abound, and the impact is going to be significant.