Our emphasis is assisting in the complex and highly challenging task of bringing new product ideas and technologies to market by providing a broad array of services and capabilities tailored for maximum benefit at affordable economics.

Youthful energy, seasoned leadership, and an entrepreneurial focus have been carefully cultivated at the InVentures Group (IVG), to deliver strategic forward thinking and mentoring to startup companies.  Among the services available are finding and raising capital; business plan development and critique; and business and marketing strategy development.

The IVG team brings together an unparalleled knowledge of the global business landscape and the inner workings of startups, small businesses, and public and private corporations.  With all of this knowledge packaged up into one company, the benefits and potential success are limitless.

The InVentures Group specializes in high technology companies, products and services that are beyond the lab and into the prototype or early production stages, with a product that is nearly ready to market.  At this stage, assistance in bridging the gap between funding stages is often required and IVG is available to help – to source funding, provide the missing human and operational pieces, and to move to revenue generation and positive cash flow.

IVG’s clients benefit from the team’s expertise in a number of areas, including business plan development; strategies and contacts to find and raise capital; marketing, branding, communications and sales; legal consultation; financial guidance; technology research and technical writing; and organizational development.  IVG also provides different levels of involvement in getting the business running, from short-term consulting and guidance to interim management.

Leveraging the insight of Keith Blakely, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and founder of Advanced Refractory Technologies, NanoDynamics, and the InVentures Group, IVG clients are able to tap into his knowledge of the advanced materials and business worlds.  Blakely, a life-long Buffalonian, takes pride in assisting and mentoring small businesses and young entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to fruition in the Western New York market. 

The IVG team has participated in several young entrepreneur events and competitions including the Panasci competition, the UB Elevator Pitch competition, and Buffalo Startup Weekend.  They are also active members of the WNY Venture Association and Buffalo Angels.

The InVentures Group is a leading partner for start-up and small companies looking to move to the next step in their evolution.  With the ability to work globally and contribute locally, the InVentures Group is also the ideal partner for companies in Western New York.